Homework 5G and 5P 2/19-2/23

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ELA and History Homework

 2/19 - 2/23


The front of the reading log will be due Friday March 2nd.

Whooo's Reading Quiz Website

We are finishing our essays in class about Out of the Dust  

We will be starting Island of the Blue Dolphins (IoBD) this week

PDF of Island of the Blue Dolphins

Monday 2/19 text dependent essay (TDA)
Tuesday 2/20 TDA and IoBD Chapters 1, 2 and 3
Wednesday 2/21 TDA and IoBD Chapters 4 and 5 
Thursday 2/22 TDA and IoBD Chapters 6, 7 and 8
Friday- 2/23 TDA and IoBD Chapters 9 and 10 

What is a text dependent essay (TDA)? Click the link below and get more information:)

TDA parent information

Here are the links to the PDF's of my Writing and Reading songs we sing in class. We haven't learned them all yet:) I wrote these myself to help the kids remember what we are learning in a fun way.

Reading Songs

Grammar Songs