Be a Wise Owl and ALWAYS do your homework!

Homework:  Homework will be updated here at least every other day unless students are told otherwise. Students are expected to copy homework from the board daily and write it inside their green homework book. Parents, please sign green homework book daily. (This site provides a back up if needed.)

Please help your student refer to their work and establish good study habits.  

Math: Practice math facts!!
Reading/ELA: None
Science:  None
Social Studies: None

Math:  Practice math facts!!
Reading/ELA:  None
DOL:  None
Science: None
Social Studies: None

Math: Practice math facts!!
Reading/ELA:  None
Science: None
Social Studies: None

Thursday:  ‚Äč
Math: Practice math facts!!
Reading/ELA: Read and sign your STARS pledge with family!  Return on Friday.
Science: None
Social Studies:  None
PARENTS:  Please read your "WELCOME TO 3-B"letter from me and then send me an email. :)
Practice multiplication facts (My useful links site has games!) and read lots of great books over the summer. Students can continue to read on Myon/reading, work in Lexia Reading, Dreambox Math, Xtra math, Prodigy, & Reflex Math!

  New 10-point Grade Scale

Grade Scale

 *If a student does not complete classwork, they may be asked to finish it for homework or in study hall with an assigned teacher during recess.  ALL WORK must be completed before participating in FUN Friday activities. 

*Please sign your child's green homework book each night, located in your child's binder.  They get a stamp each morning when checked. 

*Please note that homework is a very important reinforcement tool and it is an integral part of your child's subject grade.  If a child cannot complete homework, please send a note. 

*Also, don't forget to check my photo gallery to view enjoyable learning moments that were "caught in the act."

Thank you for your support and for sharing your wonderful children with us!!  THIRD GRADE IS AWESOME!!