Homework Page

Week of 2/19-2/23

Monday  2/19

Math- Lesson 5  Workbook pages 719-720

ELA- Vocabulary 1-5 in sentences,
            Reading Log 20 minutes - response- parent signature
            DOL #14 Quiz tomorrow
Read Aloud this week- Last Stop on Market Street by: Matt De La Pena
Read aloud on Useful Links and vocabulary quizlet

Social Studies- Chapter 5 Test on Thursday- Kahoot

Tuesday  2/20

Math - Lesson 6  Workbook pages 727-728

ELA-  Vocabulary words in sentences #6-10,
             Reading log 20 min-response- parent signature-Will be collected on Friday and will be graded!
             Wordly Wise List 5 quiz Thursday

Social Studies- Chapter 5 Test on Thursday-Kahoot

Wednesday  2/21

Math- Lesson 7 Workbook pages 733-734

ELA- Vocabulary quiz tomorrow- Use Quizlet on Useful Links
            Wordly Wise List 5 quiz tomorrow 

Social Studies- Chapter 5 Test on tomorrow-Kahoot

Thursday  2/22

Math- Lesson 8 Workbook pages 739-740- TEST next Tuesday

ELA-  Comprehension quiz tomorrow- audio of book on Useful Links