Do You Know

            Where did Whitesides Elementary School get its name?
Mamie P. Whitesides Elementary School was named for Mary P. Whitesides, more fondly known as "Miss Mamie."  Miss Whitesides, former principal of Mt. Pleasant Academy and devoted teacher, dedicated her life with over 50 years of service in public education.  Whitesides opened in 1956 serving 350 student in grades one through seven.
William H. Royall, Jr. was the first principal and was followed by the following administrators:  Sid Gosnell, Tom Ferguson, Tom Lee, Dave Schlachter, Lona Pounder, and current principal Cynthia Perez.
Mamie P. Whitesides Elementary School was built in 1956 for a cost of $186,628.  A new school designed to serve 800 students was completed for the 2010-2011 school year at a cost of 22 million dollars.
Whitesides is the recipient of a 2011 Excellence in School Building and Design Honor Award!!