onday - Math workbook pages 180,181
      Reading -Read 20 min.
                 ELA - write sentences for the first 5 vocab. words for Creature Features,
      Have parents read and inital to be sure word is used correctly in the sentence.                                       (unfurl, threatened, burrow, inflated, impress)

              Get Monday Folder and return library books.

 Tuesday -
 Math -    Math worksheet subtraction across zero's
                 Read 20 min.
                 ELA - write sentences for 6-10 Creature Features vocabulary. 
       Have parents read and initial to be sure the words are used correctly in the                               sentence.  (territory, snout, predator, unusual, burly)

Wednesday- Math - workbook page197,198,  study math facts
                      Reading - book of choice for 20 min. 
                      ELA - study vocabulary on useful links under Creature Features 
                      quiz 10/11

Thursday - Math - Workbook pg 203,204  / study math facts
                   Reading - listen to Creature Features on useful links reading
                   Comprehension  test Fri.10/12
                   ELA - review conjunction quiz Fri. 10/12
Friday  - None