Welcome to Mamie P. Whitesides Elementary School

Greetings from Whitesides. This year we have 750 precious children in grades Child Development through grade 5. Our dedicated professional staff is highly qualified and includes eight National Board Certified teachers, guidance counselor and nurse. Our parents provide exceptional support for our school through the PTA, by volunteering in classrooms, by tutoring students, by attending parent conferences, and by supporting home-school relations. This dynamic partnership enables Whitesides to provide a warm and nurturing environment for children to learn and "Reach For The Stars." When 2015 state PASS results were released, Whitesides continued to earn an "EXCELLENT" Absolute rating and earned an "A" on the state ESEA report.

We are truly blessed by significant community support. Our PTA sponsors an auction to support interventions, computer classes, and STEAM, as well as fund field trips. IBEAM volunteers from local churches donate many hours to mentor and read with students. During the year, Whitesides hosts grade level performances and many activities for children. Our chorus hosts two concerts, we celebrate Grandparents Day with a drop in, Veterans' Day, No TV Week, STEAM night, Children's Book Week, and Grade Level Literacy Theme Day. Students publish a newspaper, support recycling and composting. Our student government is involved in the community. They have planted trees, gathered supplies for the homeless and animal shelters and have painted trash cans. They attended Town Hall meetings and met with Mayor Linda Page to learn about town government. Thousands of books have been collected and donated to others for students to take home to read. Wellness initiatives include the Charleston Marathon, fun run, and nature trail walks. Students shine in our annual Variety Show in the spring.

Click on our calendar for regular updates of events scheduled at Whitesides.

With Wildcat Pride,

Cindy Perez, Principal